Boerne Performing Arts since the beginning, has partnered with Boerne Independent School District to provide a program called FOR KIDS that serves the entire student population. These programs, made possible through grants, corporate sponsorships, and individual gifts from generous donors, are offered at no cost to students to enhance the classroom state-required curriculum while offering a vibrant performing arts experience that many students might not otherwise access.  Boerne Performing Arts’ commitment is based on the belief that a broad range of performing arts is critical to education and that we have a responsibility to cultivate the audiences and artists of tomorrow.


Boerne Performing Arts for KIDS

Experience an Outreach Program

Projected outreach activities for 2023-2024 include:

  • Three 50-minute student matinees, each attended by almost 1,000 local students
  • Preludes & Interludes and Art Galleries featuring Boerne ISD students
  • One master class for Boerne ISD secondary students

Since the inception of Boerne Performing Arts, our FOR KIDS programs have positively impacted:

  • 35,000+ students who have attended a 50-minute school matinee performed by the visiting artists (at no cost to the students!)
  • 1,840+ students who have been highlighted at the Preludes & Interludes and Art Galleries
  • 800+ students and senior citizens who have attended Master Classes taught by the visiting artists

BPA Outreach 2023-2024 Season Student Concerts

Past Student Programs

2022-2023 Student Concerts

We hosted almost 3,000 BISD third, fourth, and fifth graders for matinee performances for three Student Outreach Programs for the 2022-2023 Season. Over 120 older students enjoyed Master Classes with our Canadian Brass, the Four Phantoms, and Fire of Georgia entertainers.

2021-2022 Student Concerts

The 2022 FOR KIDS programs allowed us to host 3,800+ BISD students who enjoyed four amazing matinee shows prior to the public concerts. One Master Class was held for 30 high school fine arts students to study and learn from Voctave.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all 2020-2021 performances (including the FOR KIDS student programs) were canceled.

Two of our four FOR KIDS concert were successfully presented affording 2,000+ students to witness a fabulous holiday show featuring The 5 Browns (2019) and Voctave. With the COVID-10 pandemic and the closing of Boerne ISD, the programs featuring TAP PACK and MOMIX were cancelled. The educational program presented by Jamey Ray, Musical Director of Voctave, introduced the students to vocal ranges, vocal music, and vocal styles, highlighting our one artist of our shortened 2020 season.

2019 provided 3,000+ students the opportunity to attend a “live” concert presented by Trinity Irish Dance Company, The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. 50+ high school dance students were trained in an Irish Dance masterclass while 18 elementary students performed on stage with the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain!

Another 3,000+ students attended a “live” professional performing arts experience during the 2018 season. Every student in Grades 3-4-5 from Boerne ISD and Bandera ISD filled Champion Auditorium with enthusiasm and appreciation for each of the artists. Additionally, Boerne Performing Arts FOR KIDS extended their opportunities to local senior citizens! The dancers from Tango Fire spent an hour with over 100 “KIDS in their golden years” teaching tango to some very excited folks from the Kronkosky Senior Center.

2016-2017 Student Programs

2017 provided opportunities for another 3,000+ students to experience a “live” professional performing arts performance. The students were introduced to the world of A Cappella Music, Russian Dance, and India’s premiere art experience…Bollywood! 50+ high school dance students were put to the test with a one-hour master class taught by the artistic director and two lead dancers of the Russian Seasons Dance Company.

2015-2016 Student Programs

The 2016 FOR KIDS programs impacted 3,000+ students at the in-school matinee shows, while another 200+ students attended master classes taught by the cast of the New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players.

2015 Student Programs

Boerne Performing Arts FOR KIDS programs continued for yet another season…impacting 4,000+ students during the 2015 season. In addition to the one hour student matinees, an additional 100+ high school brass students were impacted with a master class presented by The Canadian Brass. Thanks to the numerous Donors and Corporate Supporters who continue to provide funding for these programs so that there is no cost to local students to attend these events.

2014-2015 Student Programs

The 2014 Boerne Performing Arts FOR KIDS programs impacted 3,000+ students through school outreach matinee programs, and additional 50+ high school dance students who attended a master class taught by The StepCrew.

2013 Student Programs

As part of the Boerne Performing Arts Outreach Programs for the 2013 Season, each of the three visiting artists presented a one-hour student performance at Boerne Champion Auditorium, impacting 3,000+ third, fourth and fifth graders.  Additionally, 50+ high school dance students were instructed by the choreographer and dancers from Celtic Nights; 100+ high school band students were joined in a rehearsal by the cast of Drumline Live.

2012 Student Concerts

The very first Boerne Performing Arts outreach programs took place during our Inaugural Season, providing 2,000+ students the opportunity to attend a live in-school show at Boerne Champion Auditorium.


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Preludes & Interludes and Art Galleries

As part of the total entertainment package offered by Boerne Performing Arts, local students will provide concertgoers with Preludes & Interludes and Art Galleries at each concert. With community involvement being a central core concept for Boerne Performing Arts, this combined effort with Boerne ISD allows concertgoers an outstanding opportunity to view the exemplary fine arts department in Boerne.


Students in the performing arts organizations (band, choir, orchestra) will perform in various ensembles prior to each concert, while visual arts students will have artwork displayed in a gallery format throughout the lobby area. The visual and performing artists of the future … part of the total entertainment package!

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