Momix April 7, 2020 Canceled
The Tap Pack March 17, 2020 Canceled
Momix Sneak Preview
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MOMIX transports audiences from their everyday lives to a fantasy world through its trademark use of magical lighting and imagery. MOMIX has thrilled fans in over 22 countries and has been featured on stage, screen and television. In an endless search for another gravity, Artistic Director Moses Pendleton combines athletic dance, riveting music, outrageous costumes, inventive props and pure talent to create an entertaining multimedia experience that will surprise, enchant and astonish.
Experience the Exceptional…Expect the Unexpected!

“MOMIX is a tension between illusion and reality, apprehension and excitement!” -The New York Times • “Just Magic!” –The Huffington Post • “Turning Dance into Gold” –The Wall Street Journal

Momix - I Can't Believe My Eyes!!
SPECIAL EVENT: The 5 Browns at Boerne Performing Arts on Thursday, December 12, 2019 @ 7:30pm
The 5 Browns Sneak Preview
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THE 5 BROWNS are delivering on their dream to wake up classical music by introducing it to the widest, largest and most excited audience they can find. Whether performing individually or together in various combinations, these five siblings reveal a deep connection to the intent of their material while bringing a fresh energy and dynamic character to the color and tonal spectrum of their sound. One family, five pianos and 50 fingers add up to the biggest classical music sensation in years…
Come and celebrate Christmas with The 5 Browns!

“This kind of performance really does have to be witnessed to be fully appreciated: the puzzle-piece configuration of the pianos, the trance-like state of the performers during certain pieces, the zeal and energy each sibling brings to the keys.” -Houstonia

The 5 Browns - If Only My Wings Had Fingers!!
Voctave at Boerne Performing Arts on Thursday, January 30, 2020 - 7:30pm
Voctave Sneak Preview
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This 11-member a cappella group from the Central Florida area, have professional roots with Walt Disney Entertainment, but their range does not stop there! Known for their gorgeous performances of Disney and Broadway hits, their repertoire ranges from gospel to pop to musical theater! With over 100 million video views on YouTube and Facebook, VOCTAVE are rising superstars of the a cappella world. Their show, “The Corner of Broadway and Main Street”, promises to be…
A magical evening of Disney and Broadway showstoppers!

“At a time when a cappella music is more mainstream than it’s ever been, the vocalists in Voctave harken back to the early sounds of Disney movie choirs, something timeless and classic!” -Bleep™

The Tap Pack March 17, 2020 Canceled
The Tap Pack March 17, 2020 Canceled
The Tap Pack Sneak Preview
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Inspired by the infamous “Rat Pack”, the famous talents of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Junior, THE TAP PACK is a high-energy performance of mind-blowing tap dancing, smooth vocals, a swinging live jazz band and witty on-stage banter. This new, highly entertaining act, features five of Australia’s finest tap dancing performers that storm the stage bringing a new, invigorating energy to a timeless style. They joke, they compete, they croon, and they cajole…
Old School Cool from the new Kings of Swing!

“The Tap Pack are electrifyingly energetic! It is a pleasure to watch this rhythmically perfect team who are able to keep their body language light and playful, as if dancing is no different from walking or talking…A Wonderful Evening!” -The British Theatre Guide

The Tap Pack - My feet are flying!!!
Bringing the world of performing arts to Boerne!!!